Husbakken eco accomodation

A place to stay to visit the fjords, go skiing, hiking, fishing in Jølster, Norway. Holiday house, cabin with a view.

Welcome to Husbakken

Simplicity from the 19th century with a comfortable touch of the 21st.
The traditional tenants farm of Husbakken is a base for relaxation or expeditions into the wilderness. Tie your hiking shoes – or put on your skies – and take off from the front door towards lakes, valleys and peaks. Back in the 120 year old wooden house you make a fire in the old stove, sit back in the rocking chair and enjoy the peace and view over the Jølster lake.

Rent a boat and go trout fishing at the Jølster lake. Go with Jølster rafting on a wet and wild experience or a guided trip on the glacier.  Get inspired with guided tours in the home of the renown painter Nikolai Astrup.

We have restored the logged house from 1890 to its original tenants style, and added floor heating under the slate floors, a fully equipped kitchen and soft beds. There is free wi-fi too. Comfortable, practical, relaxing, quiet.

Treat yourselves with the simplicity from another century with a dash of modern times!

Booking at Airbnb (do an open search for “Jolster” to find us). Or send an e-mail to


Here are some nice bathing spots nearby.


Indoor alternatives:

Svømmehallen i Førdehuset Angedalsvegen 5, Førde, tlf: (+47) 57 72 19 00.

Terapibassenget, Langebruvegen 34, Førde, tlf (+47) 57 82 89 00.

Havhesten, Kanalen, Florø, tlf (+47) 57 75 67 20.

Høyangerbadet, tlf (+47) 57 71 27 00.

Day trip to Sunnfjord outdoor museum and the city of Førde (20 km)
Lunch at Pikant, the nicest cafe in Førde (30 km)

Day trip to Fjærland (40km)

The Kjøsnesfjord (20km) and the Glacier Museum in Fjærland.
Part of The Norwegian Booktown ( close to Mundal Hotel and then the Bøya glacier.
Don’t forget to have a coffee and a piece of cake in the Café at Mundal Hotel.

Day trip to the Island Kinn outside the city of Florø (90km + boat)

Beautiful medieval stone church and peculiar mountain called Kinnaklova facing the Atlantic OceanUp in the Kinnaklova
You can either go back to Husbakken in the afternoon or ask the locals for a place to put up your tent…

The West Cape (Stadt)(161 km) and southwards

The view from The West Cape ( and we chose to put up our tent on the Stadtland
The Seljesanden Beach. The boat to the St. Sunniva Monastery on Selja goes from the port.
  The Refvik Beach in Måløy. Surf paradise. You are allowed to camp.
Enjoying the silence at The Kråkenes Light House
The port of Kalvåg in Bremanger

Day trip to one of Norway’s National Tourist Routes: Gaularfjellet (20 min-106 min)

Viksdalen seen from above
 The Likholewaterfall pedestrian bridge
The 9 hairpin bends

The Kvikne Hotel in Balestrand by the Sognefjord
  There are many beautiful wooden houses in this village
  The english church in Balestrand

Day trip to Sogn and the Nærøyfjord (Unescos World Heritage List)

Sogn open air museum on the way to the ferry to the Nærøyfjord (85 km):

The Nærøyfjord
(Nærøyfjorden) is about 17 kilometers long, and a branch of the large fjord Sognefjord. It is featured on the Norway in a Nutshell daytrips for tourists. Since 2005, the Nærøyfjord is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also been rated by the National Geographic Society, as the world’s number one natural heritage site along with the Geirangerfjord.

From there you can continue to Undredal a small village in a very narrow walley by the fjord where the speciality is goat cheese:

On your way back you can stop in Lærdal, a village with a lot of wooden houses by the fjord.
If you want to sleep over we can recommend the
Before Lærdal you may take the train from Flåm to Myrdal and back again.
Now you’ve done “Norway in a nutshell”!

Day trip to Solvorn (90km) and Urnes stave church (Unesco World Heritage site)

On the way back stop for a cup of tea in the garden or a gourmet dinner in the restaurant of Walaker Hotel in Solvorn.

Art institutions and Music festivals in Sunnfjord

Astruptunet (2 km) was the home of the painter Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928) for the last fourteen years of his life. The Astrup Farm (Astruptunet) was the artist’s home and small farm, but today it is a museum and art gallery, kept as it was in Astrup’s days, nestled among the steep but fertile slopes on the south side of the Jølstra lake. The barn was torn down and rebuilt as a gallery, but in the same style as the old barn. The gallery has permanent exhibitions of Astrup’s work such as paintings, graphics, wood-engraving plates and sketches. Astrup often is regarded as “the” artist of Western Norway, as he found virtually all of his motives in his home surroundings. He’s considered the “most Norwegian” of all the national artists of Norway.

The Eikaas gallery
(18 km)
Another famous Norwegian painter and graphic artist, Ludvig Eikaas, grew up in Jølster, but later moved to Oslo. He is among other things famous for his non-figurative art and portraits/ self-portraits.

The Eikaas Gallery’s collection contains over 800 art works by Ludvig Eikaas. Since the opening of the gallery in 1994, many tourists have stopped to enjoy the “humorous madness” of the art of Ludvig Eikaas.

The art museum and the artist center in Førde (30 km): Exhibitions with contemporary art. You’ll find the program for these four art institutions and more at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum.

The Førde International Folk Music Festival, early in July each year:
The Malakoff Rock Festival, in July each year, Nordfjordeid (72 km):
Sommarfest i Sunnfjord, in June in Førde. Rock and pop concerts:
Balejazz, Balestrand (1 hour and 46 minutes), early May each year: